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Lenten Pilgrimage

February 19, 2018

Pilgrimage is a part of all major world religions. It is a journey in search of the Divine. Sometimes it is a journey to a particularly holy destination. Sometimes it is a journey where the holy search is in the journeying. Sometimes it is a metaphorical journey to the place in our hearts where God dwells. I mentioned the book Are We There Yet yesterday, and as I get farther into it, I become more and more moved by the pilgrimage that is Lent.

There is no journey not fraught with temptation. There is no journey not full of surprises. There is no journey without a few wrong turns. As we begin the first full week of Lent, I am going to move myself mentally and physically into pilgrimage mode...on a journey in search of the divine in each day. 

Will you join me? What does your pilgrimage look like at this point?



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