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Resurrection Fern

And so the season of Easter begins. Fifty days it lasts, until the Feast of Pentecost. In 40 days, we celebrate Jesus's Ascension into heaven, then the Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. So bunnies and chicks are fair game for awhile now!

But what of Resurrection? I am reminded that 10 years ago on Easter Monday, one Body of Christ left the keys to their church building in the dirt for the evicting Body of Christ to retrieve. And so began the Resurrection of a church in a different tradition from the way it had been going for many, many years. The Body of Christ which was evicted went on to resurrect their church as well, and today both congregations stand firm in their convictions of following God's call to be the Body of Christ. Both right, both wrong, both resurrected...

Where else do we see resurrection? Certainly in the trees in Florida. Here is a picture of a species of fern that surely has a scientific name, but we call it "resurrection fern." That's because when there is no rain and the air is dry and the sun is hot, many trees are covered with what looks like a blight...scraggly, course grey matter. But with one good rain, "tears from heaven," the matter turns bright green, soft and alive.

I don't know about you, but I have been "scraggly, course, dry matter." However, today I feel a little greener, softer and more alive.

Thanks be to God for the Easter feast, for Resurrection, for the peace that passes all understanding.

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