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Cancer in the Age of Technology

On Friday afternoon at 3:30 one week ago, I trudged into the house after a long hard first week back to teaching, and my mother and my husband were standing in the dining room waiting for me. My husband's routine colonoscopy showed a malignant mass that needed to be removed. Apparently the doctor's next words after that bad news were do you have a surgeon.

Welcome Home!

My husband who lives in a glass half full kind of a world, had a smile on his face (which he always does) and he said something like well we will just have to deal with it. My mother, who had taken him to the routine appointment, said she had waited until I got home so they could tell me together.

At that moment, Cancer moved into our house.

Mother left, and I found the paperwork so I could read it for myself and "sure enuf" as they say in the south, there it was.

"Malignant mass at the hepatic flexure. Not removed. Biopsy taken. See surgeon at next available appointment."

Oh yes, at the bottom it said, "We hope you enjoyed your visit today."

I could only shake my head as if to shake some sense into it and shake this ridiculous news out of it.

The doctor told my husband he should come back the following Thursday at 4 pm to have the biopsy read and then he should go to see a surgeon.

and I said, "So what are we going to do?"

But wait till I tell you what happened next!

Here I am a month voice having been silenced through this debacle. But now I am back, and the next post will tell more of the story! We went where the love was, but it took awhile to get back!

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