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Four Generations and Hurricane Matthew: Seeing the Positives!

As Hurricane Matthew barreled across the Caribbean, four generations gathered at my son's house. From ages 82 to three months, we hunkered down (the word of the day in hurricane times) and played and laughed and kept up with the storm until the power went out and then until all the phones ran out of juice. Under one roof were all the Owenes (two) in the world and all the William Marshall Courtneys (three) in the world (that we know of, anyway).

Predicted to be a catastrophic event, Matthew ultimately wiggled a bit and left us without power and with loads and loads of debris, but nothing like the damage that had been predicted. Many places were not so lucky.

My story is not one of great significance, just one of great happiness. We were all thankful that the storm was not any worse than it was, but also for the good time we had together.

I have included a letter to the editor from the paper today written by a dear man I know. He too expresses the thanksgiving and happiness that my family experienced. Thanks for that, John!

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