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"A Denervated Heart"

Yesterday we discussed Kairos time and the thought that perhaps the weather of our heart indicates how much Kairos time we are allowing ourselves to have.

This morning I read about an interesting condition called " a denervated heart," and according to the source (Forward Day by Day), it is a condition where the heart is not connected to the body's nervous system. Therefore when a person with this kind of heart is startled, she will feel startled but her body will not react by pumping blood faster. They say this is a life threatening situation, and the author said that the only solution was a heart transplant.

So my thoughts are...why is it life threatening when our hearts do not respond to external stimuli? and to take that ponder into the world of metaphor...what does life look like when our hearts are so numb that nothing hurts or brings joy?

Now I can understand how that is life threatening...and now I can see even more clearly why Kairos time, God's timeless time, is so essential to our well being. Stop, Wait, Look and Listen...don't go any further in your day without pausing to let your heart feel the world around you. Then you will be ready for Advent!

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