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Today is the third Sunday of Advent in the tradition that marks this season as preparation for the birth of Christ. If you have an Advent wreath with three purple (or blue) candles and one pink, today you will light the pink one. There are many explanations for lighting the pink one. Today is sometimes called "Gaudete Sunday," the Sunday to Rejoice, thus the rose colored candle. I usually remember Mary on this Sunday, pink for the feminine, but also because on December 8th we remember the conception of Mary, which is considered by Roman Catholics to be divine as was the conception of Jesus.

The Greek word Theotokos refers to Mary because it means the "God-Bearer," the one who brought the Divine into human existence, the one who gave birth to the Breath of Heaven.

Enjoy this beautiful song written and sung by Amy Grant. It is so hard to imagine what her journey was very hard.

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