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God the Sustainer: Holy Spirit

"This is the force field of the Holy Spirit that you and I continue to be part of whenever we are living, thinking, and praying in loving union with God and God’s work in this world." Richard Rohr, The Perennial Tradition

This week I met with the Holy a room of women all called to ordained or monastic life, only one of whom has been able to answer that call thus far. The Holy Spirit actively moved among us, guiding us in new directions both to answer those same calls and to discern new calls. We were so clearly doing what Richard Rohr describes above..."living, thinking and praying in loving union with God's work in the world."

We are not certain what might come from this holy time, but we are certain that the time was holy and that we answered Jesus' question to the disciples from John's gospel today "what are you looking for?"

We were, are, and forever will be looking for where, how and when to do God's work in this world.

Thanks be to God for the force field of the Holy Spirit!

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