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Dorothy or Alice?

Never take for granted the friends you have in your 20's...Something is happening during that time that lays foundations and seals deals. That has been my experience anyway.

Decades ago, in my 20's, I had five friends my age and stage of life. We gathered on Wednesdays for our children to play. Between us we had 13 children at the height of our time together. Our husbands were all friends, but we didn't always socialize. We had too many children to go out very often...but we always got together on Wednesdays. We laughed together, cried together, broke up children's fights and bandaged booboos together. We cooked for each other, we cared for each other's children...if one mom was sick, another mom always brought her children to play group.

And then one day it was all over. For me anyway. I moved away, far far away...and I had no idea what I was leaving behind. Well maybe I did. I have a vivid memory of the last time we got together, after taking the children for a walk, standing out in the street on a warm spring day telling them that I felt like Dorothy...saying goodbye to my courage and my heart and my brain. I had no idea how very true that was.

In the years since, I have fallen down the rabbit hole, climbed out, fallen again, and ultimately realized that life is all about falling down and getting up. I have felt like a giant in a miniature space and a miniature in a giant space. and I have been to many mad tea parties. But I have never forgotten those play group friends.

This morning as I wait for three of those friends to arrive for our first real reunion in many decades, I am reminded of all that they gave me in those early years and how much I have cherished their friendship.

Dorothy or Alice...I don't know. Probably both. I guess I better keep my eye out for the white rabbit, the cheshire cat, and the mad hatter!

Dear millennial friends, don't take your friends for granted!!! If you are lucky, you'll know them for a very long time!

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