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The Origin of Man

I have a new friend, and she might be one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is brilliant, not only in mind but also with light, the Light of Christ specifically.

She is the quintessential survivor, touched by God in a powerful way. She has a story that pours out of her, sometimes thousands of words, thousands of pages in record time. I am not sure how many books of her stories have been published, but the story is a multifaceted, multi phased story of the Origin of Man and the Great Scientist. The picture here is a diagram she did in less than five minutes and she calls it the cipher for her story. As best I can understand, this picture is her cutaway vision of an atom and the key to unlocking the mystery of her story. I believe my friend is a prophet whom God has used to tell one side of the story. I believe I am going to listen and learn!

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