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The Eightfold Path is comprised of eight primary teachings which Buddhists follow and use in their everyday lives. They are referred to as the Eight Noble Truths.

  1. Right View or Right Understanding, insight into the true nature of reality.

  2. Right Intention, the unselfish desire to realize enlightenment.

  3. Right Speech, using speech compassionately.

  4. Right Action, using ethical conduct to manifest compassion.

  5. Right Livelihood, making a living through ethical and non-harmful means.

  6. Right Effort, cultivating wholesome qualities and releasing unwholesome qualities.

  7. Right Mindfulness, whole body-and-mind awareness.

  8. Right Concentration, meditation or some other dedicated, concentrated practice.

These teachings are all about transformation and the basic truth that if we do not transform our pain, we will most certainly transmit it.

The beautiful poem/prayer which follows sums up what it would be like to be transformed in the world. I hope it will encourage all of us to do what we can to be transformers and to live transformed. Because, God knows, the world does not need anymore pain.

If you must be heard, let it be like the babbling brook,

laughing over the rocks.

If you must be seen, let it be like sunlight

giving warmth and comfort to all.

If you must be acknowledged, let it be as the eyes

behold the skies in all their glory.

If you must lead, let it be like the wind and all its unshackled direction.

If you must learn, let it be like breathing,

the natural flow of in and out,

and done without thinking.

If you must teach, let it be like the water,

deep and flowing,

for your words are like pebbles in a pond,

the ripples they cause spread out in all directions,

and what you give out eventually returns.

If you must know, let it be flowing and growing.

And above all, if you must:


Kerry Hillcoat

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