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Energy Circuits

Have you ever noticed how quickly chaos or tragedy can zap your energy? And that along with that zapping often comes anxiety or depression. In Richard Rohr's meditation this morning, the discussion of transformative spirituality really got my attention.

Consider the analogy of energy circuits: Most of us are relay stations; only a minority are transformers—people who actually change the electrical charge that passes through us.

As a relay station - we allow the chaos, tragedy, toxicity to run through our systems like sludge, slowing everything down and even rotting our insides in places.

As a transformer, we can "actually change," as Rohr says, transforming the sludge and the yuck into fuel or sustenance and allow it to move us forward, rather than slowing us down.

As Rohr says, "Transformative spirituality is holding the suffering until it becomes resurrection."

Light up those energy circuits and let them be the Holy Transformers God created us to be. Resurrection is on the horizon!

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