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"Dying before you die..."

...with Christ-like compassion, be present to the self-metamorphosing process in which, little by little, breath by breath, love dissolves the illusions and fears born of our estrangement from the infinite love that is our very life. Richard Rohr

In the Romans reading for the Daily Office this morning, Paul laments what we probably all struggle with, "For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate." As hard as I try to do what I know is right and even to think what I know is right, the darkness of confusion and guilt seems to seep in to my consciousness, often taking over.

Reminders like Richard Rohr's this morning of the "Infinite Love that is our very life" help to ease the darkness, "dissolving the illusions and fears" out of which that confusion and guilt are born.

Be reminded of that Infinite Love today. Breath by breath take in that Infinite Love. Die to the confusion, guilt and estrangement of darkness and claim salvation "with thanksgiving to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!"

...and remind me and each other of that Love!

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