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I am a member of an army organized in honor of a strong and mighty colleague who is fighting a great battle against cancer. Our Commander-in-Chief is the greatest of all Conquerors, the Triune God.

Our colleague faces the battle of her life, but she has all the artillery and ammunition ever needed to face such a cowardly opponent. She is surrounded by the best medical care available in the world. She is loved and supported by the most beautiful daughters and loving husband. She has a battalion of soldiers fighting with her with prayer and love and hope.

But our mighty colleague has the most effective defense of all in her heart as evidenced by a recent memo from her.

Quoting from Call the Midwife Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, she said,

"Health is the greatest of God’s gifts. But we take it for granted. It hangs on a thread

as fine as a spider’s web. And the smallest thing can make it snap

leaving the strongest of it helpless in an instant. And in that instant,

hope is our protector, and love our panacea."

Panacea was the Greek goddess of universal health; it is a Greek word meaning all-healing. In Greek mythology, Panacea usually had a poultice which she used to heal the sick, seen in the picture above.

And so we call on the Panacea of Love, the greatest of all Love, the Commander- in-Chief of all battles, God the Triune: Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer to lead us in our colleague's battle against cancer and all the battles of those people who fight that cowardly opponent cancer until it is eradicated.

Please join me on this front, weapons of Love and Hope in hand, as we pray to the Great Healer of all for freedom from this wicked foe.

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