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Who am I?

You are not your gender, your nationality, your ethnicity, your skin color, or your social class. These are not qualities of the True Self in God. Why, oh why, do Christians allow temporary costumes, or what Thomas Merton called the “false self,” to pass for the substantial self, which is always “hidden with Christ in God”? Richard Rohr

So...if I am not any of those selfs mentioned above, who am I? do I peel away those false self personnas the world and I have so carefully crafted?

These are good questions, but they are hard and essential.

This meditation is more Visio divina than lectio...peel away your false self this morning, listen to the words of this great song with God in mind and enjoy this picture of a little girl being her true self. Then go out into the world rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit and say..."Thanks be to God!"

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