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The Road Taken

Our call – yours and mine – and our subsequent “yes” also launches a lifetime, life-giving adventure with God. Be ready. Be alert. We never know when a brush with God is going to lead to a life-altering transformation and set us afoot to a new aspect of mission. Bob Dannals

This Advent season of waiting, sometimes in the dark, is filled with much unknown. How will Christ be born again for the first time in our hearts and our lives? We know he was born and year after year we relive that birth. But how do we live up to the truth of it all? What can we do differently this year from what we did all those years before to welcome the Son of God into our midst?

My friend Bob Dannals, in his In-box inspirations, suggests that we stay ready and alert and listen for our call. As he says "life-altering transformation" can come from a brush with God. If we are not awake, we might miss it!

I have been aware of the call to walk through a door for a long time. Thus this image of the well lit open door brought to mind that call. What would it be like to walk through that door? What is life like on the other side of that door? What if we say "yes" to God's call to join God on the other side of that door?

A wise man suggested I play with the notion of what life would be like if I moved through the door. As Robert Frost said in The Road not Taken,

"I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

Entertain the idea of walking through one of the doors in front of might make all the difference.

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