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The Majesty and Glory of Your Name

Psalm 8

When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, * the moon and the stars you have set in their courses, What are human beings that you should be mindful of them? * mortals that you should seek them out? You have made them but little lower than the angels; * you adorn them with glory and honor;

Every time this psalm comes up in the Daily Office, I am reminded of the beautiful anthem below which our little choir at Grace Episcopal Church sang year after year. With that memory comes the joy of working together on Wednesday nights at choir practice with our director Clint and our organist Alexei. Both are fine musicians in their own right, but they were willing to work with us, many of whom including me were amateur novice singers. We worked hard to produce something that sounded relatively good and then proudly sang it at the Sunday worship.

The anthem brings back so many memories of each person in the choir, of the congregation, of all the work we did as the Body of Christ to bring Grace Episcopal Church back to life.

It was a long time ago, long before the troubles of today, but the memories are so soothing. In my memory, I can settle right into the choir stall next to Cathleen and Cheryl, watching our leader Clint and the inimitable Alexei (who taught himself to play the organ so he could be with us.) Just a flood of memories that warm my heart.

I wonder if spending time each day with memories might be good therapy for these days of pandemic. And in those memories, looking for the ways God has been mindful of us, "adorned us with glory and honor," and knowing that God will do the same for us now.

Pause today and remember. God is mindful of you, and God's presence is very real!

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