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Sleepless Nights

My eyes are open in the night watches, that I may meditate upon your promise.

Psalm 119.148

When I read this psalm this morning, I was reminded of many restless nights I have had recently...when sleep would not come and my mind raced with fits and starts remembering many things done and left undone. I suspect I am not the only one in my circle who is struggling with sleepless nights during this time.

Years ago a beloved friend encouraged me to pray the 23rd psalm for people I love and am concerned about. Doing just that has become

my tonic for those restless nights...praying for others and for myself.

This line from Psalm 119 reminded me that when I do that, I am meditating upon God's promise.

Try it some time and see if it works.

The line that I usually fall asleep to is "surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life." What a beautiful promise.

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