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An Acceptable Time

The old has passed away, behold, the new has come...Behold, now is the acceptable time.

2 Corinthians 5. 16 - 6.2

And so tonight we say goodbye to 2022, to all that it has brought to us, done to us, gifted us, revealed to us...we take the memories, the joys and the sorrows and move forward into a new year. We let go of the old, accepting the gift of reconciliation that is in Christ God, not counting trespasses anymore and instead reconciling with each other just as we are reconciled to God. Now is the acceptable time, as 2 Corinthians goes on to say, the acceptable time to work together with God and to accept the grace of God. "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation."

And so what does that new creation look like? What do I need to let go of? Where do I need reconciliation? How can I accept the grace of God with greater understanding? I pray that each of us might take on that new Creation and go out into the world in peace, and may God grant us strength and courage to love and serve God rejoicing in the power of God with gladness and singleness of heart! May 2023 bring you untold treasures of peace and joy, and may you share those treasures with all those who cross your path.


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