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Blessings of Spring

...unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. John 12. 20 -33

In her book Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons, Jan Richardson writes poetically about this line from our Gospel for today. In my part of the world, Spring is in full bloom, but there are still places where there was no life yesterday and today there is color. And I have even noticed that the will to live is so strong among flowers and such, that being dry does not slow them down.

Jan suggests that our blessings are like the grain of wheat Jesus describes...we must let them go, trusting that they know where they are going, and that while they seem dormant, they will actually be on their way back to us, "rising green and whole and new."

When the sun rises this morning, be sure to notice the blessings around you, the places where yesterday it was dark and dry and today there is color and life. Spring is such a beautiful symbol of resurrection, and a splendid time to count our blessings.

Blessing the Seed by Jan Richardson

I should tell you

at the outset:

this blessing will require you

to do some work.

First you must simply

let this blessing fall

from your hand,

as if it were a small thing

you could easily let slip

through your fingers,

as if it were not

most precious to you,

as if your life did not

depend on it.

Next you must trust

that this blessing knows

where it is going,

that it understands

the ways of the dark,

that it is wise

to seasons

and to times.


and I know this blessing

has already asked much

of you—

it is to be hoped that

you will rest

and learn

that something is at work

when all seems still,

seems dormant,

seems dead.

I promise you

this blessing has not

abandoned you.

I promise you

this blessing

is on its way back

to you.

I promise you—

when you are least

expecting it,

when you have given up

your last hope—

this blessing will rise


and whole

and new.

—Jan Richardson


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