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Characteristics of Vines

This wise woman offers a meditation every morning about 6 am, and she has done it since March and the beginning of the pandemic. Each morning in less than 10 minutes, she illustrates and brings to life a piece of scripture appointed for the day, leaving countless numbers of us with much to think about as we face the day. Today her analogy of the vine, and explanation of the parable in John's gospel about Jesus being the vine, struck me "again for the first time" as I often say. I will never look at a vine the same way...nor will I reflect on what God calls me to do without saying "Is my decision rooted in Christ, is it founded in Love?"

I hope you enjoy this beautiful offering, and if you really like it and are not already signed up for it, do so! You too can wake up to this wisdom every day.

Thank you, dear Kate Moorehead!


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