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Each is a Living Flute

Suffering makes an instrument of each of us,

so that standing naked, holes and all,

the unseen vitalities can be heard

through our simplified lives.

(from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo)

This beautiful book crossed my path recently, and each day I read it, I am alerted to and reminded of the movement of the Holy Spirit in this world. In today's reading, we are reminded that the holes left in us by our suffering are open places where the Holy Spirit can move through us, clearing space for music to be made just as a flute makes music from the breath of a musician. Thus each of us is a living flute. Reflect on that a bit, allowing the Holy Spirit to make music through the holes left from disappointment, tragedy, and loss. As Mark Nepo says in this chapter,

"Breathe deeply beneath all right and wrong, and along the hurt, underneath the loss. See if you can feel what has been opened and exposed for this tearing away. "

and then listen to the music God can make of your life! Maybe the beautiful clip below will give you a hint of how the Holy Spirit might sound as she blows through you.


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