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Evil will not win.


None of us are free of the influence of evil. But our celebration of Jesus’ suffering, death, and glorification in Holy Week provides a sacramental and transformational means to encounter the grace of divine love, which evil can never defeat.

- Br. Jonathan Maury, SSJE

"Photos from the station in Kramatorsk showed the dead covered with tarps, and the remnants of a rocket with the words 'For the children' painted on it in Russian." the associated Press said this morning.

Can this really be true?

We have seen so many atrocities committed by the Russians in the last seven weeks, I have wondered if some of us are immune to the devastation...but this one hit me in the gut.

It is evidence of a depth of evil that is palpable darkness. Br. Jonathan above is so right, none of us is free of the influence of evil.

As we walk the dark week of Jesus' passion, we face other acts of palpable darkness; we know what lies ahead. And yet, we also know that the Grace of Divine Love can never be defeated by evil; we know that death will be defeated, and on the other side will be something even greater than life.

Hold Jesus' hand and remember that the glorification of Love lies ahead.


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