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Finishing the Race

II Timothy 4. 1 - 8 have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

I have a friend who is also my pastor, my priest, my dean and my boss. Today she reminded me of something I desperately needed, serving as a pastor extraordinaire.

In her daily meditation about scripture, she discussed the last chapter of Paul's letter to Timothy. Paul is in prison at the end of his life, and (as she said) he is writing what seems like a love letter of farewell to Timothy, encouraging him to carry on in the work and reassuring him that there is a great welcome waiting for us all at the end of the Great Race.

I needed that reminder today, as well as the reminder that I have run races before, even a triathlon. After listening to my pastor this morning, I have vivid memories of the cheering and encouragement at the end of those races...and to think that's what will welcome me in heaven brings great joy!

I also don't have to look far to realize that those cheers are all around me as I run the race daily, as I fight the good fight and try to keep the faith. Now that is good news! And if I don't do anything else today, dear God, let me cheer others on in that race. We finish a race everyday, and without each other sometimes we wouldn't know we won! In fact, we might not even know we finished.


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