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For God alone, my Soul waits...

"For God alone my soul in silence waits..." Psalm 62

The psalm appointed for today is one of my favorites. In fact, I am sure I have written about it at least once before in these musings. There is harmony to these words. There is also freedom, the thought that waiting is not a frenetic posture, but instead a relaxed one, a calming one. In Margaret Guenther's beautiful book My Soul in Silence Waits: Meditations on Psalm 62, she says,

"The prayer of silence is a prayer of listening, waiting, and receptivity. It calls for gentle attentiveness. Those concerned with productivity might see it as the kind of prayer in which 'nothing happens,' but it is really the prayer of being rather than doing in which everything happens. For God alone our soul in silence waits."

For any of us who has waited for any length of time, the concern about productivity is familiar. Thoughts like what can I do to get the answer, where do I go to look for the answer, what have I not done that I should have done to get the answer?

But the words of the psalmist here reassure us that when we wait in silence, when we hope in God we will know that God alone is our rock and our salvation, our safety and our honor, our refuge.

And then we will know that God's steadfast love is ours.

And so for God alone my soul in silence waits.



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