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From the covid Land of Counterpane or Things for which covid makes me thankful!

I have been thinking of giving up this blog, having gone through a blue period (not as successful as Picasso's) and not feeling like I had much to say. But then covid struck and out of my covid brain came some thoughts I wanted to share with you. (notice I do not capitalize the letters of the dreaded virus because it does not deserve capitalization!).

After two and a half years of living mostly in North Carolina to avoid covid and mainly to keep my copd husband safe and well, we returned to Florida, and "sho enuf" I got covid. I blame myself. It was so obvious once we got back here that the cavalier nature of the Floridians was dangerous. But I was quickly delusioned ( not sure that's a word but I like it!) by it all and fell into line with the rest of the cavalier souls and got myself exposed. This piece, however, is not about the pros and cons of what to do regarding covid exposure...instead I thought I would share some thoughts about what one might learn from the Covid Land of Counterpane!

(Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a wonderful poem about being a sickly child which he was, and how he kept himself amused in his bed. see it here. )

Once I recovered from the frustration of having let myself fall into this maelstrom, I succumbed to the symptoms. However, having had covid (I do believe) in December 2019 and then a violent reaction to the first booster, I recognized the symptoms, but realized how very much milder they were than the real deal! So I learned to be thankful for mild symptoms!

Unfortunately I had dinner with my two dear friends the night before I tested positive, and I have beaten myself up about that...however, because they were exposed they have been able to have some quiet time at home "just in case" and there in itself is something for which to be thankful !!!

I've lost a bit of weight, despite breakfast in bed every that's a plus! and I discovered that my bizarre sleep schedule is not affected by covid. I still go to bed at 9 and wake up at 4:30...but I sure do get more naps during the day!

I have discovered that wine helps the covid symptoms be a bit more bearable, and having a caregiver is good and bad! Breakfast in bed is always good, but the sure way to tell that the housekeeper is down with covid is to look in the kitchen sink during the day...not to mention the kitchen trash. and along those lines...Some caregivers open bottles without taking off the wrapper, so this afternoon when I shook the salad dressing thinking it was an unopened bottle, it exploded all over the kitchen. (But most of all I am thankful to have a caregiver who loves me in sickness and in health and takes such good care of me!)

Having never had a tv in my bedroom, I am thankful I had covid at this point in time, because you can keep yourself entertained with a laptop all day long! (call me for suggested movies and you tube interviews!)

And most amazing...Instacart! In 2022 you can actually google the grocery store, order whatever you want, pay online and have it delivered in less than three hours! I know I am a dinosaur in many ways having just discovered this, but wow is it great!!! Try it, you'll like it.

So if you have read this far, you are probably saying to yourself, this is cute and a little funny, but covid is real...and you are right, damn right. You know the statistics, and I am preaching to the choir here, but I do not understand why people think this is not a big deal? I have felt pretty bad and have had everything but the second booster. My husband is threatened with being much sicker than I have been because of his compromised lungs, and people still don't take it seriously around us. My dear friend's immune system is so compromised that she cannot be vaccinated, so she stays secluded from family and friends and is the one person you see in the grocery still wearing a mask.

We all know people who have died of covid; we know people who have recovered after long serious bouts of it; we know people who still refuse to be vaccinated.

So for what are you thankful, you might say?

To live in a country that has the savoir faire (the capacity for appropriate action) to do the research to create vaccines that work, the wherewithal to offer proper care in hospitals, and for me to have the freedom to speak my mind about the importance of being vaccinated.

Please don't take this lowercase virus for granted.

It hurts, and it kills.

Yet again, the Golden Rule applies:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Nobody in their right mind wants to have covid, so we have to stop spreading it~


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