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He Carries Me in His Arms.

Psalm 87. 6 The singers and the dancers will say, * "All my fresh springs are in you."

DARIÉN GAP, Panama — In the darkness, the little girl called out for her mother, her tiny form lit by the moon.

The two had left their home in Venezuela a week before, bound for the United States. To get there, though, they would have to cross a brutal jungle called the Darién.

And in the chaos of the trek, the child had lost her only parent.

To contain her fear, Sarah Cuauro, just 6 years old, began to sing.

“The glory of God, giant and sacred,” she croaked through tears. “He carries me in his arms.”

Sarah Cuauro while traveling through the Darién, one of the world’s most dangerous migrant corridors, in an attempt to reach the United States.

An article in the Times today tells the power of teaching our children about the love of God. As the psalm appointed for today says, when we know God, we can draw on the fresh springs that are within us no matter what the circumstances are.

Ángel García helping Sarah over fallen trees in the Darién.

Please join me this morning in prayer for Sarah and in thanksgiving for her Angel. May we all sing of the Glory of God.


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