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Holy Saturday: A Day with no Gospel

This day is the one day in our Christian year with no good news...thus we have no appointed gospel to read. The tomb is closed, Jesus is dead, the disciples are lost. All we can do is sit with Jesus at his tomb.

Walking the stations of the cross yesterday with a group of children and adults was one of the most powerful ways I have ever spent Good Friday. We walked and talked all 14 stations...marking Jesus' journey from the time he was condemned, the times he fell, when he was nailed to the cross and then when he was laid in the tomb. We are fortunate at our church to have large wooden stations, figures of Jesus and the people he met along the way, which we could touch and talk to. At the last station, we just sat in silence, even the two year old, as we stroked Jesus's body lying in the tomb, speechless having "journeyed" with him through that day they call good. Like the disciples, we didn't know what else to do. There was no good news.

...and so they call this day a day of waiting. What will you do to mark this Holy Saturday? Where in your life are you in a place of waiting, a place of hoping that the stone will be rolled away, a place where you desperately need good news?

O God, O God be with us as we wait.


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