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Look for the Light

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom then shall I fear? * Psalm 27.1

In this season of Epiphany, when we reflect on light and its manifestation in so many ways, I enjoy catching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, moonrise or moonset. It's just a tangible expression of God's grandeur for me. Like the rest of the world, I have had dark moments this year...periods when chronos time prevailed, and I lost my kairos rhythm of time. But Creation always seems to draw me back to the spirit of kairos time, the sense of God's underlying presence and peace regardless of the chaos of the world around me.

For the rest of this season of light, why don't we all be intentional about getting out of ourselves and looking to Creation for signs of the light, reminders of God time, the foundation of our being, the presence of love and forgiveness. Even in the storms of Creation, thunder, lightening, rain and snow, there is light, there are kairos moments because God is never not there. Look for the Light.


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