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Name your Fruit

Matthew 12. 33 - 42

"...for the tree is known by its fruit."

Most of Creation is blooming this time of year, and it is daunting how beautiful things can be regardless of the cruelty of winter! There are still a few places in my garden that don't seem to be alive, but for the most part flowers and fruit seem to be screaming out, "I'm free!"

In the gospel reading from Matthew appointed for today , Jesus severely challenges the Pharisees about the their adherence to the Law and their lack of love. He begins with the analogy of the fruit bearing tree, and then states "the tree is known by its fruit."

When I apply this analogy to my own life, I ponder the ravages of a cruel winter and yet the places flower and fruit emerge. I also wonder about the strength of the roots that hold on to the soil to prevent the annihilation of my tree. Sometimes I am very clear about the fruit I have produced, but other times like one of my little rose bushes that doesn't seem to be alive, I wonder if I will ever bear fruit.

How is your tree doing in this season of blooming? What fruit will you be known for this season?


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