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Practicing Resurrection

Years ago I came upon a book by Nora Gallagher entitled Practicing Resurrection :A Memoir of Work, Doubt, Discernment, and Moments of Grace. As with all of us at various points in life, I was searching for understanding and support on my journey and why it was the way it was. Like Nora Gallagher, I was also searching for vocation and meaning in my life. Gallagher tells her story with clarity of vision and honesty, revealing the way death can yield new life over and over again.

In this season of Resurrection, I am reminded of that wonderful book and how available resurrection is for us if we just practice it. What does resurrection look like for you? Where in your life have the wounds of hardship, disappointment, rejection, betrayal damaged your ability to go forward? Where have you come up short in your quest for answers and clarity? Where does it seem you have reached a dead end?

Practicing resurrection perhaps begins by looking around at Creation this time of year. Have you noticed what is growing out of what was dead? Resurrection is not just a season; it is a lifetime. As Easter people, we are privileged to practice it continually. I pray that all of us will find doubt and disappointment turned to discernment and then grace in this Easter season and going forward, forever and ever. Amen!


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