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Practicing Resurrection - Shine

I have come as light into the world, so that everyone who believes in me should not remain in the darkness. John 12. 44 - 50

Every 29 or so days the moon is full whether we see it or not. If we are lucky enough, we can catch a picture like this one of last night's full moon.

In the Pray as you Go meditation this morning, we read the gospel for the Eucharistic track and the speaker asked "How do you experience believing in Jesus, how do you visualize Jesus?" My first thought was the sight of this moon last night, the fullness of the light and the consistency with which it comes. Like the moon, believing in Jesus is seeing the Light in Creation - all of Creation and knowing with confidence that it is always there. And as Jesus says in the passage above, when we see the Light of all Creation, we will not remain in darkness.

"Lord, let me Shine with God's love like this beautiful moon."

How do you experience believing in Jesus? What do you visualize when you think of Jesus?

If you are interested in listening to Pray as you Go, here is the link.


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