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Sacraments in Creation

St. Francis looked at reality...with inherent enjoyment for a thing in itself as itself. Richard Rohr

Until last week, I only knew these gorgeous lavender colored flowers as fact someone recently commented that I was lucky to have so many wildflowers in my garden so I didn't have to plant things! But last week, I learned that they are actually called Michaelmas Daisies and, not surprisingly, they are in full bloom right around the time we celebrate the feast day of St. Michael and All Angels!

Like most of you, I have been thinking a lot about St. Francis this week and his relationship with Creation and what inherent joy he gleaned from Creation. With help from Richard Rohr this morning, it occured to me that Creation is filled with sacraments - outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual graces! And like St. Francis, I have been thinking about being in full relationship with Creation, enjoying every aspect of it, talking to it and honoring it.

As I read Richard Rohr's meditation this morning, I thought about my Michaelmas daisies; now that I know their name I can speak to them when I see them today, honoring the grace of their presence in Creation and in my life.


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