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Set down the camera...

Peter said to Jesus,

“Master, it is good for us to be here;

let us make three dwellings,

one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah”

—not knowing what he said.

—Luke 9.33

Set down the camera.

You can't capture the moment.

You can only be in it.

This world, yes, this one,

with the bloody wood on the horizon,

is a wonder of beauty and delight. Be in it.

To watch the elegant heron fly

you must let it fly.

Allow, and behold.

This heaven-spangled world,

riddled with the divine,

is always a beginning

which you are always leaving

without staying,

but ever in.

Waken now. Look. Listen.

This wonder,

be in it.

This beautiful verse from Pastor Steve illuminates the error of Peter's desire to freeze frame the Transfiguration! We who are so quick to leave the moment and try to capture it with a camera, could be well served to remember Pastor Steve's words to put down the camera and just be in the moment. In fact, wouldn't that be a perfect Lenten discipline. For me, that means no more photographs of the sunsets or the moonrises or the grandchildren...just savor being in the moment of the holiness of God's grandeur. Will you join me?

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