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Sir Lazarus Tager

Sir Lazarus Tager of Lansing, North Carolina gracefully went home last night lying in the arms of his beloved St. Clare. Sir Laz, as he was known, lived a mighty life with all creatures great and small bounding around the woods in Lansing with St. Clare. They cherished every moment together, whether they were walking or driving or cuddled up by a fire at night watching the stars.

To know Sir Laz was to know Love; he embodied the story of loss and Love, forgiveness and Hope.

Sir Laz will be missed greatly by his human loves St. Clare and Kel and by all other creatures who encountered him along their journey. In memory of him, please speak to a creature whom you encounter on your journey today with love and kindness, recognizing them as essential members of Creation.

Sir Lazarus and his friend Lady Lilibet.


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