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Spiritual Disciplines of Pilgrimage

Finally, I ask all of us to pray for the freedom to be released from cynicism and judgment. We’re going to encounter people who do and say things differently. If we move into “sophistication,” we will lose the childlike spirit that Jesus talks about. A pilgrim must be like a child who can approach everything with an attitude of wonder and awe and faith. Let’s pray for wonder. Let’s pray for awe. Let’s pray for desire, or better “the desire to desire,” and ask God to take away our cynicism.

Adapted from Richard Rohr, On Pilgrimage: Lourdes, Holy Land, Assisi, Rome (Cincinnati, OH: Franciscan Media: 2014), CD. No longer available for purchase.

Before a pilgrimage, spending time together praying and preparing is essential. Seasoned pilgrim Richard Rohr offers many suggestions for what that time might look like. Anyone who attempts a pilgrimage should be aware of these tips; they will richly enhance your journey inward and your search for the Divine.


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