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Thanks to Garrison Keillor

I am sure I have heard this story before, but here it is "again for the first time" an explanation of why we remember fathers today. May the memory of your fathers be a peaceful one, and if your dad is in heaven, may you be reminded that he is fully restored and doing whatever it was that made him most happy and most whole. I am sure that my dad is playing Dixieland jazz on the piano every chance he gets, with no sheet music, great rhythm and a crowd of people standing around and singing or clapping.

Happy Father's Day.

Today is Father's Day, a holiday in this country that goes back to a Sunday morning in May of 1909, when a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd was sitting in church in Spokane, Washington, listening to a Mother's Day sermon. She thought of her father, who had raised her and her siblings after her mother died in childbirth, and she thought that fathers should get recognition too. So she asked the minister of the church if he would deliver a sermon honoring fathers on her father's birthday, which was coming up in June, and the minister did. And the tradition of Father's Day caught on, though rather slowly. Mother's Day became an official holiday in 1914; Father's Day, not until 1972. Mother's Day is still the busiest day of the year for florists, restaurants, and long-distance phone companies. Father's Day is the day on which the most collect phone calls are made.

26 OMQ, St. Eval Cornwall, England 1966


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