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The Art of Advent

"Then they will see 'the Son of Man coming in a cloud' with power and great glory." Luke 21. 25 - 36

At our Cathedral Bookstore last year, I found a beautiful little book called The Art of Advent: A painting a day from Advent to Epiphany by Jane Williams. It is a collection of 37 pieces of art depicting the great Advent themes of light and darkness and the Biblical events of Advent, the birth of Christ and Epiphanytide. Williams reflects on the pieces of art and how they reveal the themes as well as offering discussion questions and a closing prayer for each day.

Just to whet your appetite for the book, here is the piece for today. "The Ancient of Days" by William Blake 1793...such a beautiful depiction of the line above from Luke's gospel appointed for today. God in the very act of Creation bringing God's light into the world. And as Williams says, "Light is symbolic of all that is God: it is life, it is truth, it is warmth, it is active, it pushes darkness away."

Where in our lives are we waiting for God to push the darkness away, where we are afraid to open up? Where in our lives are we prepared to let God in this Advent?

Williams closes with this beautiful prayer which is the perfect launch for this new year, this first Sunday of Advent, this season of Light.

Lord, giver of life, creator of light, give us courage to turn to you with hope and trust. As we await the birth of your son, Jesus Christ, may the renewing Spirit teach us to trust your purposes of love, and to allow the new birth which will set us free. Amen

(This book and many others are available at, When you buy from them, you can designate 30% of your purchase price to the Cathedral Bookstore!)


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