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The Felling of a Great Tree

When a major tree in our yard fell, it left a massive gap where shade and nature had been before. So it is with the felling of a great man. This morning our beloved friend Reuben went home to be with Jesus, and there will forever be a gap in our lives with his leaving. But oh what memories and joys we will always have.

You see, Reuben was a woodworker. He had the most gentle spirit, and it was always reflected in his handiwork. This beautiful Christmas tree is an example of his work, and it has been prominently displayed in our house since the beginning of his illness.

Reuben had a way of turning great sorrow into beautiful memory with his craft. When people lost trees, he would collect the wood and turn it into bowls and trays and trees.

When a huge Drake Elm fell in our yard years ago, Reuben asked for some of the wood, and he made it into bowls for everyone in our family. The elm had been a gift in memory of my father in law, and now we have permanent memories of him. That's just the kind of guy Reuben was. Any of you who knew him will have stories like this one.

And so we say good bye to our favorite woodworker in all the world, knowing that he is safely in the company of the Great Woodworker of all, not as a stranger, but as a fellow saint and member of the household of God.

Fair winds and following seas, dear Reuben. May your handiwork always be a memory of the beauty of your soul.


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