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The Fruit of Yesterday's Thoughts

Matthew 12. 43 - 50

For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.’

Thanks to a wise friend, I was reminded yesterday that Jesus's argument with the Pharisees was not oppositional as much as it was an argument between siblings. Jesus was Jewish and Matthew doesn't forget that.

How many times have you been angrily frustrated with a family member, longing to help them see the truth and to understand the error of their ways? Jesus loved his fellow Jews, and that love drives him to help them understand the magnitude of his message. Not so they can be saved as much as so they can know the fullness of God's Love. I feel that same way when I try to convince fellow Christians of how much room there is at God's table. It is ok to be on different sides of the altar with the broken body and blood of Christ in the center; different sides of the aisle is definitely more oppositional.

If I am to embrace this idea fully, I must admit that those at other angles around the altar are also trying to convince me of their understanding. Dear God help us to find the middle way.


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