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The Great Gardener

"I am the Real Vine and my Father is the Farmer." John 15. 1 The Message

I have arrived back in Western North Carolina, having left two months ago in the middle of winter. My little garden was dead and bare when I left. No one has been here to care for it; it has been abandoned and unattended.

I expected to see evidence of that neglect and barrenness when I arrived. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Under the earth and the soil that looked dead and barren, there was life. Things I had forgotten about were nesting and being nurtured. And they were there to welcome me back.

So it is with our souls...because we are grafted into the Body of Christ when we abide in the Real Vine, the Creator God farms our soil, nests and nourishes our being and enables us to bear good fruit...even when we feel barren and dry, even when we feel abandoned.


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