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The Holy Spirit Speaks!


The gift of the Spirit of Pentecost was not given once, never to happen again. It is not just a story of a few Galilean fishmen who could suddenly speak other languages. That is not the end of the story. Every time comprehension, unity, and understanding happens, God’s Holy Spirit is poured out upon the world once more, and compassion, love, and healing follow.

Without going into an explanation of theological doctrine, which I am not qualified to do, the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and referred to by some as the Sustainer, God moving among us, and as Brother James says above the gift of the Holy Spirit does not just come once, but is poured out upon us every time "comprehension, unity and understanding happens."

Yesterday as I exercised, I noticed the words on my mat above. One said "Everyday you are reborn" and the other, as you can see, said "Mind Reader." So there you have it, I thought, now the Holy. Spirit is even speaking to me through my Pilates mats!

Don't miss her! She is everywhere, everytime we gain clarity, everytime we come together in community, everytime we understand what seems inexplicable. God is with us, among us, within us, around us. Keep your eye out and be blessed. Your God shaped hole is filled with God when you see these blessings.


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