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The Still Small Voice of Calm

When my father died, my brothers stayed with his body and escorted it in Marine fashion to the morgue, and my mother and I walked arm in arm out of the room to the car. I started singing this hymn for some reason, only remembering the words for the first verse, but humming it as we walked. I have reflected ever since on "why that hymn?" But as I listened to it again this morning, I heard the verse that means the most and probably drew me to it...

"Breathe through the heart's of our desire

Thy coolness and thy balm.

Let sense be dumb let flesh retire;

Speak through the earthquake, wind and fire

O still small voice of calm.

O still small voice of calm."

I pray today for all of us who are searching for God's coolness and balm, that we might hear the still small voice of calm wherever we are...that despite the earthquakes, winds and fires of our lives, the breath of God will brush beside us reminding us of God's presence and our protection.

I pray especially today for all those who are "walking a loved one home," that the crossing over will be peaceful and the presence of God palpable.

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