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Turning Joy into a Muscle

In another one of Krista Tippett's podcasts (see below), today she interviews Ross Gay, the author of The Book of Delights, an approach to what Gay calls "adult joy," a way to face the inevitable suffering of Life. Understanding that we all suffer in some way at some time, Gay suggests that a necessary everyday spiritual discipline might be to practice delight and cultivate joy.

As we all know, there are times when looking suffering in the eye with joy seems impossible, but if we think of joy as a muscle, if we exercise that muscle, strengthen it and give it "muscle memory" isn't there a chance that even at the hardest time, it will perform?

Today I will try to Practice Joy...just like I practice swimming, running or pickleball! I pray that it will strengthen within my heart a joy muscle that will allow me to face the world with a stronger sense of peace and delight. Will you join me?


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