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Was blind but now I see...

Today is the day in the church year when we remember the conversion of St. Paul...knocked off his horse on the road to Damascus and heard the voice of Jesus asking why why why Saul do you persecute me? And Saul became Paul, never persecuted Christians again, and became perhaps the most prolific writer of the New Testament - 14 of the 27 books are attributed to him and his followers. Quite a conversion!

Most of you have probably already read Matthew Guite's beautiful sonnet about Paul's conversion, but I offer it here for those who missed it. And the website for more of Matthew Guite is below if you don't know about him!

An enemy whom God has made a friend,

A righteous man discounting righteousness,

Last to believe and first for God to send,

He found the fountain in the wilderness.

Thrown to the ground and raised at the same moment,

A prisoner who set his captors free,

A naked man with love his only garment,

A blinded man who helped the world to see,

A Jew who had been perfect in the law,

Blesses the flesh of every other race

And helps them see what the apostles saw;

The glory of the lord in Jesus' face.

Strong in his weakness, joyful in his pains,

And bound by love, he freed us from our chains.

I also offer you this beautiful rendition of the perfect piece for this commemoration: Amazing Grace, sung be people who know what it is like to be blinded by the Light and break free from the chains and be bound by Love.


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