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Your own right hand...

Job 38. 1 - 41

Look on every one that is proud and bring him low; and tread down the wicked where they stand...Then will I also acknowledge to you, that your own right hand can give you victory.

Here is one of 400 s votive paintings which Frida Kahlo collected. If you aren't familiar with these, I would recommend sitting in front of one of them; they can enlighten you as much as a votive candle can.

The verbiage at the bottom is illegible except for the word Misere: mercy. As you can see a girl/woman is holding the horns of a wild animal, keeping the animal at bay at the same time she raises her eyes to the crucified Christ.

The Job reading for today reminded me immediately of this painting. God continues God's thundering response to Job's desperation with the line " your own right hand can give you victory." God goes on to say I created the Behemoth, the strongest creature on earth and I can subdue it! So too you can subdue the wildest of animals, the most horrific of circumstances.

Do not doubt God says in tomorrow's reading "Whatever is under the whole heaven is mine!"

Do not doubt your own right hand, God says to us today! Look to me for strength and you will have all you need to face the wildest of animals, the darkest of circumstances. Do not doubt! Whatever is under the whole heaven is God's. And you are God's beloved.


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