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10,000 steps to Monday

Yesterday the snow was still fresh and fluffy, but the temperature got into the high 30's so we went for a beautiful walk on one of the many trails in the Moses Cone estate. There are 26 miles of trails, only two or three of which we have hiked until this season of pandemic.

This particular trail was only accessible on foot because the Parkway, by which it is usually accessed, is closed because of the snow. So the snow was still rather fresh, and there were very few people. It was gorgeous, and our Lilibet (HRH Golden Retriever) was in heaven.

Walking on these trails is a bit like going back in time, thinking about the great gift Moses Cone gave to the area by creating them.

But it also reminded me of Jesus' habit of going away when people were coming at him. In one of the readings appointed for today, John 6. 15 -27, Jesus does just that to re-orient himself, remember who he was, and as Dean Kate said this morning, "to anchor himself in the eternal."

Monday was coming at us yesterday. The beginning of what will be an intense work week for both of us. And yet, by getting away out into the woods, breathing fresh air and savoring the beauty of creation, we were able to escape, renew and recreate in preparation for today.

It only took 10,000 steps, and I am thankful for every one!


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