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Facing Jerusalem

For those of us who follow the liturgical calendar, the hard work of Lent looms. Yesterday we remembered the Transfiguration of our Lord and the fixation of Peter on keeping things status quo! Though Peter and his companions were "weighed down with sleep" some how they understood the conversation between Jesus and Moses and Elijah to be about Jesus's "departure, which he was about to accomplish in Jerusalem" (Luke 9. 28 - 36).

And so Peter decided to make the scene permanent! But we know the rest of the story, and without it we would all be tolerating status quo.

I offer you meditations from the Edge of Enclosure a website which has helped me on my journey.

Don't miss the thoughts from Blaise Pascal about "Coming down off the mountain." As Suzanne Guthrie, producer of this site, says "with memories of light, it is time to turn toward Jerusalem, the confusion of our particular lives, and the cost of bearing Light in a dark world."

However...before we fast, we have Mardi Gras to look forward to! Fat Tuesday, pancakes and all that is gorgingly scrumptious.

But Ash Wednesday is only a day later. What will we give up or take on so that we can walk solemnly through the desert with Jesus? What do our hearts and minds and bodies need to be cleansed of or our lives need to be filled with? Two days and counting to decide!

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