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Active Waiting

One of the Seven Deadly Sins of writing is using the passive voice. "Active verbs only" writing teachers everywhere say. "Show not tell" we say, meaning, for example, show me with active verbs that someone is sad, don't just tell me "she is sad." "Her face screamed pain, or tears flooded her cheeks."

Likewise, our Advent waiting must be active. We cannot just sit back passively and wait for the Christ child to come. In this season of frenzy, it requires great courage and effort to withstand the distractions of things and parties and enough and too much. Being still and knowing God requires intentional action...carving out time when the world around you seems to be pilfering your time. Yet again, I find myself forced to "meet Advent again for the first time" by creating an active waiting environment. What are some of the ways you have created active waiting? How do you "be still and know God" this season in new and different ways?

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