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Healed in Lent

Here we are at Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday or whatever you would like to call it. We are about to step off into the abyss of Lent, a season in which we mark the forty days and forty nights of Jesus's temptations in the desert, facing the darkness of demons and fear.

Dean Kate Moorehead's newest book Healed: How Mary Magdalene was Made Well is an appropriate read for Lent. Like Jesus, Mary Magdalene was misunderstood and maligned. Though she did not hang on the cross, her reputation was marred through the centuries because she was labeled a prostitute "from whom seven demons had come out." Kate Moorehead's book dissects Mary Magdalene's journey and what we know about her from scripture, revealing what a disservice the label prostitute did to her and celebrating her healing and the result of it in the fullness of her discipleship.

Oh those demons...they are everywhere and they long to invade us and destroy us. When one of our dogs died recently from sticking his face in a nest of pygmy rattlers, I became even more acutely aware of the danger of demons. They cannot be communicated with; they cannot be reasoned with; they only back down in the Light of Christ...and they don't necessarily go away but we are freed from them when we take on that Light.

Join us this Lent as we read Healed together at St. John's Cathedral on Wednesday nights from 6 - 7:30. Your journey will be made lighter and Lighter!

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