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Luxury "Profusion"

Our infant grandson had open heart surgery when he was a week old. We were terrified, traumatized, and every other emotion you can think of in the face of such a situation. The surgery was very quick, successful and remarkably smooth, and he was back in his room and on the path to recovery until his little body stroked in response to the trauma to the circulatory system. When his right arm started twitching for minutes at a time, several different teams of doctors came on board to determine the cause, the prognosis and the solution. It quickly became apparent that the strokes were over, but some damage had been done. HOWEVER, the brain in its inimitable Creation (capital C intended!) provides something called "luxury perfusion" in a situation like his, meaning that when one part of the brain is compromised, a healthy part sends extra blood in to make up for what is lost in the case of a clot. It appeared that the damaged part of the brain was healed by that miraculously Created process.

In my tired and troubled state, I heard the term as "luxury profusion," and I will never forget that term. It was just another of a myriad of glimpses of Grace we had during that traumatic experience.

Once again, God provided...this time in the way of Creation: a part of the brain that sends up an SOS and another part that sends out the marine patrol!

"Just like exceeding abundance,"my beloved friend said. "Oh yes, so true," I replied.

Profusion or perfusion...whichever you choose, it is a glorious description of God's Grace...God's Love luxuriously passing through or filling abundantly in the midst of what seems like the darkest of insurmountable places.

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